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about Zoe

I got the opportunity to train as a massage therapist after taking voluntary redundancy from the BBC in 2011. I did this with Essentials For Health in London.


It was a modality I'd been interested in for a long time and very different to my work in the media and events management.


It wasn't the right time back then to put my skills to professional use, I just thought it would be a wonderful skill to have in my back pocket.


So it came to pass!


In 2021 I finally started my own mobile massage business. It seemed the perfect time to put my massage skills to use as I knew people were working from home, often using set ups that strain backs, shoulders and necks, and also that people were feeling uncomfortable about leaving their homes in the pandemic.


Before the pandemic hit, I was set to open my own cafe in York city centre. I was baking as part of that plan and am an enthusiastic baker. My kitchen was given a 5* hygiene rating from York City Council in 2018. ​


Cakes and treats also promote a big sense of wellbeing in people, so combining my skills of baking and massage makes complete sense - treats AND treatment to your door!!


In 2023 I added a VTCT certificate in Clinical Reflexolgy as well as Usui Reiki Level II to my repetoire.

technique and philosophy

I am a holistic therapist.


This means that I consider the lifestyle of a person, both physical and mental before giving a treatment, I try to get a sense of what you need from me that day in order to give the best therapy I can to you.


Every treatment from me will be different. Sometimes flowing, sometimes there will be a lot of static holds. I will always be guided in terms of pressure and areas of tension from the client - you know your body best after all! ​ My signature massage uses a combination of Swedish, Thai and deep tissue techniques.


I work intuitively and often land on acupressure points as well as tension knots when working on someone.


I have found that I can feel energetic vibrations from the tissues when working on points in this way and have learned to listen to this as it helps me know when a point has released or unblocked itself.


When carrying out reflexology and reiki treatments I'm similarly guided by the energy I pick up.

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