frequently asked questions

Where do you travel to?

I cover York and the immediate surrounding area. If you're within the York ring road then definitely all good. I will come out as far as Escrick, Wilberfoss, Stamford Bridge, Strensall, Elvington, Rufforth, Nun Monkton - all of which are about a 25 minute drive from York - so let that be a general guide. If you're unsure, just send me an email or give me a call to confirm before you book.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

To give a good holistic massage I need to know a little about your health, lifestyle and expectations. Before your first massage with me you will need to complete a questionnaire about this which I will call you on the phone a couple of days beforehand to go through, and on subsequent visits we’ll just have a chat beforehand about what you’d like from your massage.


Data Protection

I will securely store your details for a year after your last massage. If needed I can also send you a paper copy of the questionnaire for your reference. These will not be shared with anyone.


A contraindication is a condition which makes massage an inappropriate thing to have done. This can either mean I avoid certain areas – such as broken skin or varicose veins, or it may mean a massage from me is not possible for you right now in order to keep us both safe. The consultation will highlight this and I'll be able to advise whether its suitable for treatment to go ahead as planned - you'll get a full refund if not.

On arrival...

I will arrive in your house in a fresh uniform, I will change my footwear to the shoes I use exclusively indoors and for massage and I will sanitise my hands.

I’ll then need you to show me to the room we’ll be using for your massage.

I’ll set up my massage table and equipment and we will have a chat about your massage. Then I will leave the room so you can get undressed down to your underwear (ladies, that means just knickers) and get onto the table under a towel. I’ll come back in when you’re comfortable for me to do so.

My equipment

Massage Table

I use an extra wide and deeply padded professional folding couch. You will need to be mobile enough to get on and off this unaided. The couch will be covered in a fitted towelling cover and paper couch roll which is fresh for each massage.

If you wish, I can also use attach a heated layer to the couch, similar to an electric blanket (power socket needed). This is great if you are someone who gets very cold or has a colder house. It’s not appropriate for anyone with a pacemaker.

I sometimes use a bolster under the ankles or knees to improve your comfort. I can also bring a small step if you need assistance getting onto the table.


I use natural, ethically sourced oils from Naissance UK. I tend to use grapeseed oil for most massage as it is a good all-rounder. I use apricot kernel oil on the face as it is lighter and more nourishing for this delicate area.



I use organic, fairtrade bath sheets from Dip & Doze for massage. Towels are fresh for each treatment. (this has changed with Covid 19 guidelines - you will need to supply two towels for treatment)



I will bring a small speaker with me, and you are free to select what to listen to during your massage. I have a selection of natural soundtracks such as waves on a warm beach or bird song, or if you have a favourite album or podcast that you enjoy I’m happy to put this on for you.

What space do I need for a home massage?

In practical terms, I need a space big enough for my table and for me to work around it. So a minimum area of 2.5 metres x 1.5 metres free from furniture, clutter and trip hazards.

For your massage to be the most effective I would recommend a space that can be free of other people and animals for the duration of your treatment, and that can offer you privacy to get undressed down to your underwear. Ideally the space will be a comfortable temperature and if you enjoy things like scent diffusers or scented candles this is an ideal opportunity to have these on.

I will also need to be able to park near to your house and will need to know in advance whether there are any stairs I will need to get the massage table up or down!